In addition to hands-on residential and small business organizing services, I also offer virtual residential and small business organizing services to clients in ANY LOCATION.  This is a great option for clients who feel they can complete organizing projects on their own if they have the coaching, guidance, and accountability I provide.  It can also be a more affordable approach because you will do the organizing work on your own.  I would love to virtually come into your home and assist you with organizing any area of your home and life.


This is an overview of the process.  For answers to more detailed questions you may have, click on the "FAQs" page above.  *Please note: The "FAQs" page is specific to my hands-on organizing services, but many of the questions and answers apply to virtual organizing as well.  There are some differences, however.  This page contains procedures and policies specific to my virtual organizing services.


     Simply click on the "Contact" link above for my contact information.  I will reply to e-mails and voice messages 

     within 24 hours (M-F) to set up a FREE 20 minute virtual consultation.


     During our virtual consultation (via Skype or FaceTime), I will ask you some questions to help us get to know

     each other.  Because professional organizers and their clients work so closely together, it is important that we

     BOTH feel we are a good fit.  I will also ask you some questions that will help me gain an overview of your

     organizational needs.  I will then answer any questions that you have.  If at the end of our conversation you

     would like to hire me, I will set up an appointment for the initial virtual organizing session.  I will e-mail you

     a contract to be signed electronically and you will purchase a virtual organizing package.  Both need to be

     completed prior to our initial session.


(advance purchase required - must purchase in 3-hour blocks - must redeem within 6 months of purchase)

Time spent with you virtually or on any other organizing-related work I do for you

will be deducted from the hours purchased.


     We will take time the first 20 minutes or so of our initial session for coaching.  There is no right or wrong way  

     to organize, but there is certainly a process that must be followed from beginning to end for you to truly 

     become organized.  It is critically important to your success that you understand the process before we begin

     and commit to seeing it through to the end.  We will discuss your goals and your vision for your space and

     your life.

     Based on your individual needs, we will decide where in your home or office to begin organizing.  I will

     analyze the situation via Skype or FaceTime and provide you with a plan of action.  I will give you specific

     instructions for the next steps you will take in the organizing process, to be completed on your own.  We will

     discuss a realistic time frame for you to complete those next steps and schedule a follow-up session. 



     At the follow-up session, we will assess your progress and discuss how the organizing project is going.  Again,

     I will give you specific instructions for the next steps you will take, discuss a realistic timeframe for completion of

     those steps, and schedule a follow-up session.  This process will continue until the organizing project is

     complete.  During these sessions, decisions will need to be made about storage containers, labels, filing

     systems, etc.  Some purchases may be necessary.  We will discuss your budget for such items and make

     choices that fit within your budget. 

     In between sessions you may feel you need additional help, support, encouragement, or clarification.  If so,

     simply contact me via phone or email and we can schedule a session as soon as possible to address any



     -There is no minimum session requirement for virtual organizing.  You will be charged for the actual time I

     spend with you virtually or spend on any other organizing-related work I do for you.  Additional Virtual

     Organizing Packages may need to be purchased to help you reach your goals and vision for your space and


     -If you are late for a virtual appointment, you will still be responsible to pay for that time lost.  Be sure to     

     schedule our sessions on your calendar, as I will not be reminding you of your upcoming appointment (except

     under special circumstances).


    -If you must reschedule a virtual appointment, please notify me BY PHONE.  You may reschedule an

    appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment with no penalty.  After that, you will be charged a

    cancellation fee of $40, to be deducted from your prepaid package.



     Enjoy the peace and clarity you will experience in your newly organized space and do what is necessary to

     maintain it.  As part of my services, I will coach you on ways to maintain the organizational systems we have

     developed.  Life does happen and backsliding  is normal.  Please contact me if you find this is the case and

     we can schedule a virtual maintenance session.

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